TikTok is not just for influencers - we look at brands doing it best

TikTok is revolutionising the social media world. We thought it was a craze; here for a fun time- not a long time…but 5 years in, and 689 million monthly active users later, any sceptics and disbelievers still resisti

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Interactive Video Effectively

Interactive video is simply the addition of interactive elements to a linear video. It is a highly effective way of driving levels of engagement amongst your viewers – whether they are your customer, client or employee. Click to discover more about it...
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Five New & Innovative ways to Implement Personalised Video into your Marketing Strategy for 2021

What is Personalised Video?Personalised video is a marketing and communications solution that combin
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How healthcare is going under a major digital transformation

Intro The knock-on effect of Covid-19 has been felt by industries far and wide, none more so than th
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Personalisation: how it started and what it’s become

Personalisation can occur at any stage of the customer journey. Pre-Covid, the most personal interac
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