Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - everything you need to know about Interactive Video

What is Black Mirror? So, this weekend after all the pies had been eaten and mulled wine drunk, I sat down to watch Black Mirror Bandersnatch, instead of going to the gym like I promised myself. For those of you who don&rsqu

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Do you agree with our favourite 3 Xmas ads of 2018?

‘Tis the season to be advertising. While we wrap gifts, decorate our trees, and indulge on everything in sight, we’re also reflecting on this year’s best Christmas TV ads.
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78% of marketeers agree interactive video is the next big thing

Why use interactive video? It’s trackable, It’s more engaging, It converts and It’s memorable. Do you want to know more? Click above
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Open rates soar for Capita's omnichannel campaign

Capita take omnichannel approach using email, personalised video and downloadable statements. Capita’s client saw email open rates soar to 77% and unique click-throughs rise to 60%.
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Age Partnership Simplify Equity Release using Personalised Video

Discover how VideoSmart personalised video technology can help you to know more about your equity release and how we delivered a successful campaign together with Age Partnership.
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