5 Video Marketing Tips To Make Your Campaign Effective

A video marketing strategy shouldn’t be a ‘nice to have’, it should be a requirement. Within just a few years’ time, video has started to dominate almost every channel and platform. Nowadays, over 50%

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How To Get Students To Pick Your University

Understanding your target audience is key. Luckily for Universities, this is well-defined, but how do we engage young adults who are always on the go? Click to find out more
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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - Everything You Need To Know About Interactive Video

What is Black Mirror? Black Mirror is a series of hour-long features that look at dystopian futures. Click on the link to discover everything about the interactivity on it.
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Do You Agree With Our Favourite 3 Xmas Ads Of 2018?

‘Tis the season to be advertising. While we wrap gifts, decorate our trees, and indulge on everything in sight, we’re also reflecting on this year’s best Christmas TV ads.
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78% Of Marketeers Agree Interactive Video Is The Next Big Thing

Why use interactive video? It’s trackable, It’s more engaging, It converts and It’s memorable. Do you want to know more? Click above
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