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About Us

Who are we?

We are an eclectic mix of tech geeks, data gurus, connoisseurs in creativity and pragmatic project managers.

Varying skillsets, countless ideas, and one vision: to improve your customer communications using the power of video.

What do we do?

We provide digital communication solutions, with creativity and data at the core.

Ideas that are brought to life through our people and technology to provide the end-to-end solution for personalised and interactive videos, which drive your business critical objectives.

Why do we do it?

In a world so crowded by marketing communications, companies need to stand out.

We create personalised video to help drive objectives, whether it's acquisition, on-boarding, growth or retention.

VideoSmart will help you engage with your customers at any stage of the customer life cycle by monetising your data.

End-to-end Solution

The only personalised video provider to deliver the end-to-end solution. Cut through the complexity of multiple vendors, and get your solution from a single source. We will take you on a creative journey, from consultation, through to design, personalisation, multi-channel delivery and analytics.

Our Solutions

  • Personalised Video

    Improve your digital communications by sending a personalised video
  • Customer Service Solution

    Capture real-time information from customers and provide engaging follow-ups
  • In-App Rendering

    Bring your customer portal or application to life with real-time, data-driven videos
  • Interactive Video

    Customer driven content; let them choose their journey
  • Customer Templates

    Allow customers to create their own personalised video using customisable templates
  • Clickable Links

    Allow customers to transact in video

*All sent via multi-channel delivery with integrated results dashboard

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