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Making the medium more engaging.

By combining the power of data with video, you can serve content via the most engaging medium and speak to your target audience at a personal level.


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/How it works

Video that

We deliver the end-to-end video marketing service, from concept development through to hosting and deployment.


The Creative

First, we create a master video in your preferred style; whether it’s film, animation or existing footage, we have it covered.


The Data

Next, we use your customer data to map media using programmatic language and endless lines of logic, transforming the video into a personalised gem.


The Player

Finally, each personalised video is served using our video player, allowing for device optimisation, interactive content, and MI tracking.

/Why Personalised Video?

Video that moves.


uplift in sales when using personalised video


uplift in open rates with dynamic content


of personalised videos are watched to the end

/Personalised Video

In action.


Interactive Video

Capture your audience’s attention then keep it with interactive video.


Video Messaging

Start speaking 1-2-1 with your clients.

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