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Personalised Video

Data-driven video that stands out.

By combining the power of data with video, you can serve content via the most engaging medium and speak to your target audience at a personal level.
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We deliver the end-to-end service, from concept development scriptwriting through to deployment and analytics.


1. The Creative

We create a master video in your preferred style - from 2D animation to live production.

Experts in video creation | End-to-End and Modular Servicing | Personalisation in audio and text


2. The Data

We use your customer data to map media using programmatic language and endless lines of logic, transforming the video into a personalised gem.

Unlimited Data Points | Variable Scenes | Channel Reversion | Live Data Rendering


3. The Player

Each personalised video is served using our video player, allowing for device optimisation, interactive content, and MI tracking.

In-Video Interactivity | Clickable Call to Actions | End-to-End tracking | Multi-lingual Subtitles | Device Optimisation

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Video that


uplift in sales when using personalised video

Open rates

open rates with dynamic content


of personalised videos are watched to the end


End-to-end tracking.

Track your results in real-time via your personal dashboard to gain maximum insight.


Personalised Video in action.

Deliver personalised messages using audio, text, imagery and scenes for a unique customer experience.
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Personalised Video FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Need something cleared up? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

/ What is a personalised video?

A personalised video is the ultimate marketing and communication tool. Our martech stack allows you to combine customer data with engaging video content to deliver a unique video to each and every contact, at scale.

/ Why do marketers use personalised video?

Because it works! In a world where the average consumer sees up to 10,000 ads every day - it is more important than ever for your communication to stand out. Personalised video is a dynamic, engaging, and highly-accessible tool that is 10 steps ahead in this digital-first-world.

/ How do I personalise a video?

VideoSmart is a managed service. Our proprietary software enables our experts to create millions of unique, personalised videos in real-time, so you don't have to. We can support with the end-to-end service, from creative and design through to build, deployment and analytics.

/ How do I track results?

We provide a personal dashboard for each and every video campaign that goes live. We can track everything from email open rates to in-video clicks, and everything in between.

/ What results does personalised video drive?

Take a look at our personalised video statistics here, or read our latest case studies here. We tailor every campaign to the objective or challenge you are looking to tackle.
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